Early Signs of Autism: Risk Factors for Vaccines

There is still considerable debate regarding a connection between autism and vaccines. Do vaccines lead to autism in children? For example, there are parents whose children were perfectly fine, but developed a fever right after the vaccine and were never the same since. People involved with the Autism community and those who treat these children know that the latter is something that they have heard frequently enough to raise suspicion. 

Thousands of children are vaccinated every year buy only a small percentage developed symptoms relating to the autism spectrum.  It is children with a latent virus, immature liver etc., that now receive the vaccine which the child, due to other stressors, is not able to handle. Know more About Free Range Lives .

Below are some risk factors and early indicators of autism that would suggest that a parent might want to proceed with caution with regard to vaccinations.  The more of these risk factors or indicators that your child has, the more persuasive your argument will be.

?              Is there someone in your family that has autism?
?              Was your child premature?
?              Was your child breech birth?
?              Was your child jaundice?
?              Was your child of low birth weight, less than 5.5 pounds?
?              Is your child a boy?
?              Were you older parents?
?              Is there less than two years from birth to birth of your children?
?              Did you smoke while you were pregnant?
?              Did your child have a low Apgar score at 5 minutes, less than 7?
?              Were you exposed to toxins during your pregnancy?

Now let's look at three early indicators of Autism. Obviously, if your child is showing early signs of Autism you may want to moderate additional risk factors.  Is your child not looking, vocalizing and smiling at others?  Is your child a picky eater?  Does your child have issues with joint attention?  Joint attention is how we alert others about an object or event in a nonverbal way utilizing techniques such as gaze and pointing with another person. An example would be when you see something interesting and point at it (initiating joint attention) in an attempt to get somebody else to become engaged.  This type of activity should be present at about nine months of age. For more info about autism, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autism .

So whether or not you are involved in the vaccine debate or have a loved one that is concerned with regard to the Autism crisis, this article should serve as valuable information and a starting point for discussion. Visit http://freerangelives.com/ if you have questions.